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Missouri's total state motor fuel tax is 17 cents per gallon, bringing in much-needed revenue for all governmental entities.

Legislative moves to increase the state gas tax have spanned two decades: from 5 cents to 7 cents per gallon in 1972 (with legislative approval), to 11 cents in 1987 (with Prop A voter approval), and to 17 cents in 1996(with 1992 legislative approval that phased in the increase in 2-cent increments beginning in 1992, again in 1994, and finally in 1996).

Not only did the Legislature approve the 6-cent increase in 1992, but voters also gave another boost to county governments with passage of Amendment #8. The amendment gave to counties a larger portion of the new 6 cents -- 15 percent of it, beginning July 1, 1994.

Incorporating all these changes into budget planning can be confusing. When county budget time rolls around at year's end, commissioners and clerks try to anticipate just what to expect in County Aid Road Trust (CART) Funding for the coming calendar year.

The CART Funds are apportioned to counties on the basis of two factors :

  • one-half of the funds are credited to the county based on the ratio that its road mileage bears to the total county road mileage in the unincorporated areas of the state, and
  • one-half is credited to the county based on the ratio that its rural land valuation bears to the rural land valuation of the entire state.