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Member Benefits

Missouri Association Of Counties Founded
The Missouri Association of Counties (MAC), founded in 1972, is now in its 44th year of providing services to member counties. In 1973, dues paid by member counties represented 100% of MAC's total revenue. In 2015, they represented 42%.

Workers' Comp Trust Founded
MAC's Self-Insured Workers' Comp Fund was formed in 1987. In 2010, the name was changed to MAC Trust, the Missouri Association of Counties' Workers' Compensation Trust. The Trust is owned by the counties who pay annual premiums and share in profits. An annual endorsement fee is paid to MAC.

Lobbying Efforts
MAC's prime function is devising the Missouri County Government Platform, which advocates legislation to improve services for Missouri taxpayers. MAC promotes passage of priority bills and monitors other measures before the General Assembly to assess their effect on county operations.

Now in its 36th year, the Missouri County Record is MAC's official publication, featuring articles on legislation, association events, and courthouse operations and management.

Legislative Bulletins
Update bulletins on legislation ("green stripers") are mailed as needed to member county officials. The bulletins also focus on policy-making decisions effected by the MAC board of directors. When session events require immediate action, urgent messages are sent statewide via broadcast fax and email.

Internet Web Site
Beginning in the fall of 1996, www.mocounties.com provides a wealth of organizational information: direct access to the General Assembly's database for tracking bills, as well as to the Secretary of State's office for election results; legislative bulletins; individual county statistical information; conference schedules and registration forms; along with links to counties and associate members who have Web sites.

Inquiry Service
County officials receive practical answers to government questions by contacting MAC headquarters in Jefferson City. Acting as a liaison to both state and federal government departments, the staff provides copies of bills upon request and maintains a large collection of reference materials.

Prepaid Legal Service Program
This program allows counties to contract with Travis Elliot, MAC legal counsel, for 6 hours of legal or advisory service per month. Participating counties pay an annual fee based on their assessed valuations. Mr. Elliott may be contacted @ 417-866-5091 or telliott@eehjfirm.com.

Statewide Visits
The staff often attends regional commissioners' and clerks' meetings, as well as annual affiliate organization meetings. Held in all corners of the state, in both metropolitan and out-state counties, these meetings provide an opportunity to hear about local concerns and address local needs.

Annual Meetings
MAC's 3-day Annual Conference is held in the late fall at Tan-Tar-A Resort, Osage Beach. Activities include general work sessions, exhibitions, social events, an awards banquet, and a conference-wide business meeting. The April Legislative Conference is timed to influence the course of session events.

Safety Engineering
The Trust employs a Risk Manager who conducts on-site surveys, accident analysis, needs assessment, program development and training seminars. The Trust's publications including (the Administrative Manual, Personnel Manual and Loss Prevention Manual) are available to member counties in hard copy or e-mail. They can also be accessed on MAC's website under the Member Services section of the Workers' Comp Trust page.

Deferred Compensation
This NACo-sponsored benefit program, which is offered by Nationwide Retirement Solutions, permits employees to set aside income for retirement, thereby lowering current federal and state income tax liability. Unlike most companies, Nationwide does not charge administrative fees. Call 877-NRS-FORU for more information.

County Commissioners Association of Missouri
In 2000, MAC assumed all administrative and operational duties for the County Commissioners Association of Missouri (CCAM). This responsibility includes conducting a 3-day training session, which is held yearly in February. You can visit CCAM on the Web at www.mocommissioners.org.

Missouri Securities Investment Program

The Missouri Securities Investment Program (MOSIP) is excited to announce its 25th anniversary of helping public entities achieve their investment goals. They have more than 300 investors (as of July 31, 2016)  which is 100% owned by its investors.  Founded on October 3, 1991, MOSIP provides public entities throughout the state with an alternate investment opportunity that stresses safety of principal, liquidity and yield as its primary objectives.  MOSIP is sponsored by the Missouri Association of School Business Officials (MoASBO), Missouri
Association of Counties (MAC), Missouri Municipal League (MML), Missouri School Boards’ Association (MSBA) and Missouri Association of School Administrators (MASA).  https://www.mosip.org/